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E.S. Wertheim, Israel 50th Anniversary as dealer for Stertil-Koni

09-03-2018 | 2018

What a milestone! A partnership that has lasted 50 years and three generations, we are so proud of this wonderful accomplishment and on behalf of the Stertil Group wish to express our sincere thanks to the Goldman Family.         

Anne Jan van der Meulen (Area Sales Manager, Stertil-Koni) awards the glass sculpture of the SKYLIFT to Mr. Oren Goldman, (General Manager, E.S. Wertheim).
Document held by Anne Jan is the original contract signed by Mr. Goldman's Grandfather in 1967.                                                                          Wertheim 50 years dealer for Stertil-Koni                                                                      

E.S. Wertheim is the No.#1 supplier of heavy duty vehicle lifts in Israel. That's why we are a great team! The legendary SKYLIFT heavy duty platform lift, alongside the Mobile column lifts, is one of the most popular in Israel and this is why we had this gift of a 1:25 handcrafted with red crystal glass and engraved SKYLIFT made for Wertheim, as a symbolic gesture of our long and successful partnership. Looking forward to the next 50!